Centenary for NSWCFA

As our centenary gets closer we are looking for past photos. Especially photos of premiership winning teams, representative teams and extra especially premier league prems but anything really, the older the better. The following link is a sample of what we have unearthed so far, but it is being added to each day. Get your pics in and email to secretary@nswcfa.com.au

Picture link

1927 Croydon congregational

NSW Government Sporting Grant Program

The NSW Government sporting grant program has opened with grants available to sporting organisations within each electorate within NSW. Applications close 11th November.

If you have a need for funding to commence a project please get in touch with Stuart Smith, Management Committee member on 0419 014 323 or email consult@vebiz.com.au.

Stuart is an experienced grant writer and on behalf of the NSWCFA will assist our clubs and members where possible to obtain funds through federal and state grant programs.

For this particular Program, when identifying a project keep in mind the following:

The maximum amounts available are:
·       Sport Development: $2,000
·       Community Sport Events: $5,000
·       Sport Access: $5,000
·       Facility development $20,000.

The overall objectives of the Program are to:

·       Increase regular and on-going participation in sport or structured physical activity.
·       Address barriers to participation in sport or structured physical activity.
·       Assist sport clubs provide quality service to their members.

Have an idea of the project you want to do.

What benefits will the club obtain in terms of access to sport for more people or better access for existing members?
You may partner with other organisations and/or utilise other funds sources so that the Government sees value for money when they assist your project.

Suggested ideas
·       New small pieces of equipment such as line markers, goal posts
·       Community Access programs to reach disadvantaged groups, or groups not able to participate in sport through lack of access of cost.
·       A sporting event, e.g. a six a side Tournament.

All applicants need to be incorporated entities, please let NSWCFA know if your club is unincorporated.

Full grant guidelinks link


National Titles photos and Videos 2016

The 2016 National Titles photos & videos are here, click on the links below

Videos click here

Senior Mens:    https://vimeo.com/185402567
U/23 Men’s Final :   https://vimeo.com/184949005
U/18 Boys final:    https://vimeo.com/184948896
U/14 Boys Final :  https://vimeo.com/184948888
Senior Womans Final:   https://vimeo.com/184948886
U/16 Boys Final:   https://vimeo.com/184940596
U/16 Girls final:   https://vimeo.com/184940369
Presentation:   https://vimeo.com/184948907

Photos click here


CFFA Merchandise for the 2016 National Titles

For the range of Official CFFA merchandise please visit the online shop at the link below available for purchase now. Now more than ever is the time to get behind CFFA and support the National body.

Link to online store

National Titles Uniform Presentation Night 2016


Grandfinal Winners 2016

Congratulations to the Grand final winners
Under 8 Lions Hills Spirit White
Under 8 Tigers Kings Old Boys 
Under 9 OLQP  Red
Under 10 Guildford McCredie White
Under 11 Lidcombe
Under 12 Wentworthville Blue
Premier League Reserves Wentworthville 
Premier League St Barnabas 
Raahauge Cup Reserves  Castle Hill Baptist
Raahauge Cup Castle Hill Baptist
Sydney Cup Reserves Kings Old Boys 
Sydney Cup St George Rowers
Challenge Columna

Junior Zone Representative Competition 2016

John Oliver Junior Zone Representative Competition Results

GAME 1    
UNDER 8 2 1
UNDER 9 2 3
UNDER 10 1 8
UNDER 11 0 2
UNDER 12 2 0
GAME 2    
UNDER 8 2 1
UNDER 9 2 2
UNDER 10 0 5
UNDER 11 0 4
UNDER 12 2 0

North Zone: Clubs: Hills Spirit, St Columbas, Kings Old Boys, OLQP

South Zone: Clubs:  Wentworthville, Lidcombe, Guildford McCredie

The Shirley Cuff Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

NSWCFA are proud to announce that on 25th June we will be holding an inaugural fundraising day, this year supporting The Shirley Cuff foundation.
NSWCFA will be donating $4,000 to the foundation

As players, parents and friends of NSW Churches Football most of us are fortunate that we have happy and healthy bodies, however we all know someone that is not doing so well with their health. It could be one of so many illnesses or diseases that we have not yet found a cure for.

That is why NSWCFA, your association, is pleased to be able to present funds to the Shirley Cuff Cancer Research Foundation on 25th June 2016. NSW Churches Football ask you to also think about and offer your support to this wonderful foundation.

Keep the bottle that is being provided to every player on Saturday as a reminder of the good fortune you have to play our wonderful game and to keep handy the web address of the Shirley Cuff Cancer Research Foundation www.shirleycuffcancerresearch.com

We would like to thank Jeff Cuff for the ongoing commitment he has to raising funds for cancer research and the director of Vebiz Grants, Stuart Smith for sponsoring the water every player will receive on this day.

More information can be found at

Six Aside 2016

2016 A Grade six a side Champions, Guildford McCredie, congratulations

U6 Guildford McCredie Uniting White      Guildford McCredie Uniting Red
U7 Wentworthville Uniting Gold  OLQP Falcons Red
U8 St Columbas Castle Hill    Lidcombe Churches
U9 Wentworthville Uniting Gold B         Wentworthville Uniting Blue
U10 Guildford McCredie Uniting White  Guildford McCredie Uniting Black
U11 Hills Spirit      Guildford McCredie Uniting Red
U12 Kings Old Boys Pharoahs OLQP Falcons Red
U13 Guildford McCredie Uniting Black Pendle Hill Tigers
U14 Guildford McCredie Uniting Red Lidcombe Churches Blue
U16 Lidcombe Churches Gold Guildford McCredie Uniting
U18 Guildford McCredie Uniting Lidcombe Churches
O35 Hills Spirit Guildford McCredie Uniting
C GRADE Kings Old Boys Cumbo Lidcombe Churches 18S
B GRADE Lidcombe Churches Parrmatta St Patricks Eels
A GRADE Guildford McCredie Uniting Red Guildford McCredie Uniting White

State Cup Knock out 2016

Congratulations to Guildford McCredie who won the State Cup


Season 2016 Calender

The 2016 season calender can now be downloaded

Season Calender download


Annual Report 2015

The 2015 Annual report can now be downloaded

2015 Annual report download

Life Membership for 2015

Congratulations to Paul Sydenham who was awarded life membership at the Annual General meeting.


Official Uniform Supplier For 2016 National Titles

Sports Apparel Australia for your club uniform requirements. 

Contact: Nathan on 0400 111 811 

Website: http://www.sportsapparelaustralia.com.au/

Official Uniform Supplier

Soccer City for your club uniform requirements.

Contact : Matthew James on (02) 9554 4111

Email: goal@soccercity.com.au
Website: http://www.soccercity.com.au/


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Email:  info@shirleycuffcancerresearch.com 

Our aim with the Shirley Cuff Cancer Research Foundation is to support research into Colon Cancer and in so doing create a lasting memorial in her name and help deliver positive treatment options for others with this cancer.